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Trainings and structure

Our project will include 3 main trainings (Short-term joint staff training events) that will take place in Greece, Poland and Austria.



The main aim of this training course is to enable educators working in the field of adult education to re-evaluate their work, educational practice and define their vision and mission in order to create the foundation of their personal brand which could be in demand in the market.


-To get familiar with the concept of personal branding and learn about three stages in personal branding as an approach both at conceptual and at practical level

-To re-evaluate personal meta programmes, fears, limiting beliefs and value base which hampers educators’ professional development and doesn’t let them offer their services to the market

-To define mission and vision and reflect on the importance of those as the foundation of the personal brand

-to practice and to test different methods, tools and techniques which can be relevant for the various groups of adult learners in the topic of personal branding and marketing

-To discuss the strategies and basics of transferring the knowledge to adult learners

-To learn how to create basic presentation tools, reflecting their vision and mission as well as background ( video CVs, reference lists, expert lists, press portraits).


The main aim of this training course is to introduce educators to the concrete strategies for personal branding online and learn how to use them for self-promotion and marketing in the current situation in the market.


-To deeply analyse the target groups where the educators can offer their services to adult learners and adjust the analysis tools for the work with their groups

-To develop their educational product line(s) which they could offer to the market

-To acquire the basics of financial management and raise awareness about the importance of financial skills nowadays

-To develop the strategy for the development of their personal brand online using the most effective channels and instruments

-To learn efficient tools in addressing these topics when targeting visibility and promotion for their groups

- To acquire the basic skills in copy-writing and creative writing

-To acquire the basics of social media marketing and reflect how Social

Media can be used for personal branding

-To learn the basics of creating videos as a important 21st century promotion tool

-To create a 6-month personal branding development strategy which educators will need to implement when they get back home



The main aim of the last training course is to evaluate the whole project, outcomes, assessing personal competences, making future planning.


-To reflect on the results of the strategy implementation and evaluate the impact of it on the target groups

-To reflect on the outcomes of LTTC

-To assess personal and professional development

-To reframe the methodologies and tools acquired by participants in the

previous trainings for the target groups ( e.g. NEETs, disadvantaged etc)

-To work on the creation of publication on personal branding in the field of education

-To plan the follow-up activities and steps for future development as well as develop support mechanisms for educators ( peer and mastermind groups etc)

-To reflect on the follow-up ideas and future collaboration in the field of language acquisition and lifelong learning.

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