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Meet the team

It's time for us to get to know our team a bit better!

We would like to introduce to you key people involved in #GoingOutThere project!

Let's start with Mateusz Gorecki:

"Hello world! My name is Mateusz, I am founder and president of two international organizations- Fundacja Młodzi dla Europy and Fundacja Innowacyjnej Edukacji.

Professionally I am drama trainer and theatre of the oppressed supervisor, providing activities under my company Drama Mind. Currently I’m diving more in clinical psychology of adults.

In our project „Going out there” I am the main coordinator, responsible for general management and quality assessment. I am always saying (following Walt Disney)- if You can dream about something You can achieve it, therefore let’s take this beautiful journey through personal branding together!"


Fundacja Innowacyjnej Edukacji


VšĮ "Eduplius" - Edukacinė įmonė


Hellenic Youth Participation


Generation Europa


#GoingOutThere #PersonalBrqandingForEducators

#TeamOfTheProject #PersonalBranding #AdultEducation #ErasmusPlus

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