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Meet the team

We would like to continue to tell you more about the team of our project!

Let us introduce you to Vera Goriunova :

"Hello, everyone! I'm very happy to meet you here! My name is Vera and I'm a non-formal education trainer and group facilitator.

I design and implement training courses for educators focusing on the development of their competences. The themes I mostly work with are: non-formal education and integration of non-formal education to formal system, facilitation, creative tools and methods in education ( visual thinking tools, online tools, games and lego serious play) and, of course, outdoor education! I believe in the power of learning and that is why I absolutely love the work I do.

Besides that, I'm the creator of #GoingOutThere project and the coordinator of this project! It's been a very exciting journey for all of us and we are learning how to 'go out there' ourselves.

My personal motto is "where's a will, there's a way" - so if you doubt you can succeed in building your personal brand - remember it!


Fundacja Innowacyjnej Edukacji

Hellenic Youth Participation

Generation Europa


#GoingOutThere #PersonalBranding #personalbrandingforeducators #AdultEducation #ErasmusPlus #ProjectTeam

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