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Meet the team

Hey, hey!

How are you doing?

We can't wait to introduce you to one more member of our project team!

Meet Wolfgang:

"All of us who work with people, all of us who care about talent, passion, innovation, we need to go out there and inspire people. Because one thing is clear to me: people are not using their talent, are not experiencing their passions, are not innovating because we have all learnt to follow instead of initiating. I'm the head of The Blue Whale Education Centre and we try to change that pattern and inspire others to follow their dreams.

Going Out There is a project that should do exactly that, allow us to promote and inspire everyone, also our selves to fully apply our capacities. I am an early childhood pedagogue too, I can see everyday how five year old humans go out there to do what they love. We shall too.


Fundacja Innowacyjnej Edukacji


Hellenic Youth Participation


VšĮ "Eduplius" - Edukacinė įmonė


Generation Europa


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