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Personal Branding, what's the deal with it?

Zaktualizowano: 8 paź 2021

Before the internet took over, personal branding was not a big deal. The only thing close to it was a business card, your name and what you do for a living and then came the internet and changed the norms.

In the online era that we live in, personal branding is the reputation of someone, but the reputation that they create themselves for themselves. It is the way someone promote their name, their job, their life in general. We could say it’s the image the world has for someone.

Personal branding and the way someone would handle it can make them stand out, be memorable, establise their expertise and open up oppurtunities for them.

An example for personal branding is what influencers do. Instagrammers, Youtubers and Tiktokers and all these kind of new professions are using personal branding methods in order to get in the public eye, make brand-deals, advertisements and evolve in the industry.

Creating that kind of brand can be hard, because it demands a lot of self-reflection, introspection and patience. Social media plays a big part on the creation, but their use can be dangerous too, since everything that goes online, stays online and one wrong move, an offensive post can ruin someone image and cancel them.

In conclusion, personal branding is the new way, it’s a whole new marketing sector and as the time passes by it becomes more and more popular, more and more people try to develop their own and if someone wants to keep up with the world, they have to keep up with their own personal branding development.

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